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Eco Green Global Sdn Bhd provides `zero waste services’. We offer to share our `winning edge’ products and solutions in waste management services and water treatment processes. We use microbes in the treatment process, offer organic solutions that creates bio-and-nanotechnology sustainable products which otherwise would have gone to waste. Our products have gained recognition by the United Nations and are widely used in Thailand through our association with BCI Thailand (through Eco BCI (M) Sdn Bhd). We produce multi-purpose Organic Detergents which is a versatile concentrate liquid suitable for dish washing in the kitchen, bathroom cleaning, car wash which leaves surfaces clean and shining. Being chemical-free, our products are gentle to sensitive skin, our Hand Wash is pH-neutral and free from SLS, organic in origins and ecologically-friendly.



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Astro Awani

AWANI Pagi: Ekonomi Kitaran

Afiezy Azaman dan Editor Eksekutif Astro AWANI, Abdul Razak Chik bersama Datuk Rosli Sharif, Pengerusi Eco Green Global di dalam AWANI Pagi