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I AM AN ECO WARRIOR I graduated in England that brought me into the discipline of accountancy (FCCA). In the course of my career, I was naturally exposed to many dimensions such as auditing, investment, international business, international relations, business planning, marketing, corporate negotiation, mergers & acquisitions and last but not least I become a veteran corporate boardroom warrior in mega conglomerates. I left the boardroom and I want to build an army of Eco-warrior to battle the current linear (polluted) economy into a clean circular sustainable economy. Dato Rosli Sharif is the Executive Chairman of Eco Green Global Sdn. Bhd. (EGG) – a company founded on the principle of using clean circular sustainable technologies and Eco-foodchain Circular Economy (ECE). EGG is blessed with foreign partners that are endowed with very advance bio-life science, bio-physics, bio-chemical, bio-engineering, bio-molecular, bio-electric, bio-pollution control, gene expression, green engineering for combustion engine, and etc. At the grassroots level, EGG is promoting educational WoW (Waste ot Wealth) program at schools, masjid, community centers, market place and etc. The WoW gives them a sense of responsibility to love the environment and they can reduce waste and by using microbes they can convert waste into money. Our next level will be focusing with the corporate world to produce food with zero waste and and zero environmental pollution using our ECE technology. Example, starting with soil detox we can harvest non-aflatoxins plants (cancer/sickness free) as feed for our animals/chicken and the feces can be 100% made into a valuable shrimps feed. Nothing is wasted because this is WoW!!! Our food chain becomes a life support chain. No more sickness to worry. WoW!!!

Personal Experience

Experienced Professional Accountant (FCCA) with commercial & Industrial backgrounds. Past experience in the Cement Industry, Investment, International Trade and Conglomerate Activities with special skill in Negotiation, Business Planning, Marketing, Management, International Relations, Project Development and Mergers & Acquisitions.
A dedicated professional with long years of experience in managing private and public listed companies. Appointed as independent board member, currently as Audit Committee Chairman of a listed company.

Designation: Executive Chairman

EGG is currently active in promoting green activities within local communities, NGOs, and interested groups, through programmes where participants are encouraged to be more aware of every opportunity within the home and personal environment where every individual should be able to cut down excess consumption, recycle and then reuse what is usually discarded and treated as waste.
EGG promotes “Circular Economy” working with the concept of zero waste activities & WOW! “Wealth out of Waste” programmes.
The EGG team has been conducting training programmes where household wastes, organic materials are treated with selected microbes, to become effective organic-based detergent/water treatment fluids and the residue are used as composting material for making fertiliser.
EGG is now seeking for more interested participants to learn and be guided on how to use kitchen waste to make multi purpose home made detergent for everyday use & home made fertiliser to grow own food where there is space & enough sunshine for plants to grow around the house and to fill up any vacant land with more useful plants.

Our CSR and training activities can be found in our Website:

Latest activities:
We are promoting the covid-19 PPE apparels for those front liners especially needing protective gear and also nitrile gloves for protection widely used in food preparation beside surgery gloves commonly use in hospitals, clinics and health centres, more so during pandemic of corona virus worldwide.